Clover-Leaf Commercial Property For Sale

About the Clover Leaf Property

Commercial property for sale located at the clover-leaf of Scenic Hwy 111 and State Road 30.  This commercial property is 2.35 + acres and is  an ideal location for a bank, restaurant, service center, convenience store or fast food where significant investment is taking place.  Sewer and natural gas are available at the road.  Water, power, and DSL services are already on the parcel.

There is also an additional 2.33+ acres of commercial cloverleaf property at the intersection of Highway 111 and Hwy 30 in Spencer, TN adjacent to the 2.35+ acres for a total of 4.68+ acres.  This additional acreage is available from a separate property owner.



  • Owned by Mr. David Dean – (423) 718-1853 or (423) 881-5655
  •  Property has fencing
  •  2.35 acres.
  •  A church owns the rest of the cloverleaf and is also willing to sell it.
  • For more information about this commercial property at Clover-leaf Hwy 111 and SR30, click here.



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